The Gulf Chemists Union (GCU) and The Saudi Arabian International Chemical Sciences Chapter (SAICSC) are organizing the first Gulf Chemistry Association International Conference and Exhibition (GCA 2020), which will take place during 14-18 November 2020 at the Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain.

GCA 2020 Conference and Exhibition is intended to be an international forum for leading academicians, researchers, engineers, young scientists, students and business giants to ensure the maximum interaction and to present better data, knowledge and cutting-edge technologies for the improvement of the world chemical industries.

GCA 2020 will incorporate pronounced keynote speakers, technical program and a world class Exhibition. The technical program will comprise of oral talks, poster session, and short courses. The exhibition will be a great chance for companies and institutions to showcase their state-of-the-art technologies and products


  • Promote chemistry education and training in Gulf countries.
  • Establish more effective networking and collaboration among researchers in GCC and other international researchers.
  • Support research and development in chemistry sciences for sustainable development.
  • Chemistry conference are gathering group of people to share their research ideas and knowledge of specific techniques and topics in chemistry field.
  • Provides an individual and academic platform for researchers to share their scientific discoveries in the area of workforce development, quality, health, safety, and environmental management.


  • Laboratory Operational Excellence
  • Waste Management
  • Green Chemistry
  • Materials for Environment and Wastewater Purification
  • Advanced Analytical and Laboratory Methodologies
  • Carbon Capture and its Applications
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0)
    - Artificial Intelligence
    - Big Data
    - Robotics
  • Catalysis
    - Catalysts-Based Nanotechnology
    - Photo-Catalysis
    - Electro-Catalysis
  • Green Energy
    - Energy Storage
    - Photovoltaics and Solar Cells
    - Renewable Energy
  • Industrial Chemistry
    - Petroleum Products
    - Petrochemicals
    - Polymer and Nano-Composites
    - Enhanced/Improved Oil Recovery
    - Exploration/Geochemistry
  • Materials
    - Functional Nano-Materials and Nanotechnology
    - Functional Material Synthesis and Characterization
    - Nano-Structured Materials
    - Microporous Materials
  • Laboratory Quality Management System
    - ISO/IEC 17025 implementation and Experience
    - ISO/IEC 17025 Compliance
    - Uncertainty Measurement