Dr. Samar Abubshait


Ms. Noura Al Hammad

Vice Chair

  • Developing a millstone chart for the committee
  • Developing pre-registration schedule and procedures.
  • Creating and maintaining a database for all delegates including authors and keynote speakers
  • Utilizing automated system for keeping registrant count, location, and other information.
  • Provide supplies for registration including typewriters, telephones, tacks, staples, tape, etc.
  • Arranging for trained staff to work in the registration area before and during conference.
  • Coordinating with social committee chairman on airline reservations, hotel accommodations and Visa’s for delegates
  • Corresponding with delegates including sending information, reminder and answering questions
  • Designing and distributing conference Badges and complementary Bags
  • Coordinating with conference treasurer on money related issues
  • Coordinating with Publicity Committee Chairman on printing related issues
  • Preparing a write-up on committee’s activities to be submitted to the conference chairman at the end of the conference